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Most valuable data to smart cities

Databroker’s “Most Valuable Data to Smart Cities” survey was conducted in November 2020 and gained insights from smart city stakeholders in 11 countries on four continents.

Here's what you will learn:

  • Which data sets smart city stakeholders want to drive the insights that make their cities smart. These data sets are broken by categories: Economics, People, Environment, Geographics, Transport, and Energy & Water consumption. 
  • Real-world applications of data in the smart city context.
  • How cities, big and small, around the world are embarking on the smart city journey.
Smart cities survey result

Strategic insights inside!

Vincent Bultot

"The Smart City movement is an effort to leverage data towards improving practically all aspects of life in cities. Yet, not all data is made equal, and a critical task for smart city stakeholders has become identifying which data sets have potential to drive insights."

- Vincent Bultot, DataMatch Advisor at Databroker

These are some data sets smart city stakeholders want.

  • Environment Data Sets: The survey showed that air-quality data is of high importance to respondents. Understanding air quality at a granular level and how it changes over time helps smart cities to identify factors that contribute to air quality and to deploy data-driven methods for improving it.
  • Transport Data Sets: With an average score of 3.24, smart city representatives are clearly interested in car traffic data. Traffic data are essential for driving insights relating to the effectiveness and optimisation of existing infrastructure and how to design and deploy new infrastructure.
  • Energy & Water Consumption Data Sets: Survey respondents indicated that Energy performance in buildings is a highly valuable data set. With around 50% of energy consumption in cities attributed to the heating and cooling of buildings, tracking the energy performance of buildings is essential to smart city initiatives aimed at reducing cities’ carbon footprint.

Embarking on the smart city journey

With urbanisation advancing full steam, city design has never been a more critical field. More than half of people already live in cities and the ratio is expected to grow to 70% by 2050, according to the United Nations. As people pile into densely packed urban conglomerations, we face growing pressures on infrastructure, mobility, the environment and health. Data intelligence is key to managing these pressures and is critical for maintaining the welfare of our citizens and our planet.

Understand how data is driving smart city innovation!

Vincent Bultot

Vincent Bultot, DataMatch Advisor

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